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Wherever possible, Webtech Solutions web sites and business solutions incorporate facilities to allow you to perform your own basic, daily maintenance and housekeeping. Where, however, elements of your site need updating only rarely or periodically, it may be more economical for us to agree a maintenance schedule as part of the specification of your original project and budget and perform these updates for you.

Most web sites contain at least one element from the following list of possible examples:

  • Removing and replacing old news items and press releases from websites
  • Removing and replacing date sensitive information (eg dates of exhibitions or events your company is attending or arranging through the year)
  • Removing and correcting broken links to external websites
  • Streamlining website databases to keep the site quick to load
  • Replacing and updating website images
  • Updating staff profiles or recruitment information in the website

Our website maintenance contracts are a cost-effective and flexible way to keep your site in tip-top condition. Simply agree the average number of hours of website maintenance work that you need each month, and then submit your maintenance requests to us secure in the knowledge that your website housekeeping has already been budgeted. We will acknowledge your maintenance requests - which you can email to info@webtechsolutions.in- within 2 working days: wherever possible.

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